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Maximize your space with Lincoras all welded metal lockers.

Fit the lockers to your space, and not the other way around.


LINCORA has created a game changing tool, the LINCORA Configurator, which allows us to create custom lockers, bringing your vision to life.  This is the tool that allows us to say “CUSTOM IS STANDARD”. The perfect locker that you have imagined is the one we will make. From the dimensions and features to the options and colors, the LINCORA Configurator can answer all your locker storage challenges.

1. Imagine and create a locker that will meet all your user's storage requirements.
2. Adapt the locker to your space, and not the other way around.
3. Adjust the dimensions, if necessary, during the construction of your project.


LINCORA Lockers are a perfect solution for sports facilities, schools, manufacturing plants, government, police, public safety and healthcare, industrial and all other environments. 

With an unbeatable combination of strength, durability and style, our lockers are perfect for any facility.



We partner with selected office furniture manufacturers who not only produce high quality products with excellent warranties, but who understand the importance of "on time and complete" deliveries.


We will work with you to select the products/manufacturers that will suit your functional needs, design requirement and budget.

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