FOCUS ON FACILITIIES was established in 2014 with a passion for creating functional spaces with great design tailored to unique workplace needs.

Our team of design experts (with over 30 years experience) will work with you to choose furniture that will optimize your space for productivity, functionality, comfort and inspiration. 

Whether you are ready to expand, downsize or want to create a new environment, there are many options available and it can be overwhelming just to get started.

Our design and project management teams will collaborate with you to find the right furnishing solution to compliment your culture and space.


We believe in high quality Canadian Made products which is why 90% of our suppliers are local.


"The F O C U S team promises to provide the highest possible level of service to each and every one of our clients - regardless of project size or value - and to exceed expectations of both products and services. This is our formula for success, individually and as F O C U S Team members; it will not be compromised."